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Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition System is a complete web based system for managing, tracking and controlling purchase requisition process in your organization.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the paper trail. Instead of filling out tons of paper forms, everything in the system is done electronically and kept electronically. Users simply submit an electronic requisition and check the status online.
  • Everything is online. Reviewing piles of paper requisitions is a troublesome task, with Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition System; managers can review electronic requisitions online that provide far more information and take less time to review. Any reviews or comments can be communicated with the requestor via e-mail.
  • Easy approval setup. Administrator can setup the approval matrix easily using the administrative panel. Approval matrix can be set according to organization’s policy.
  • Easy integration with various ERP systems. Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition System is designed to have a quick and easy integration with various ERP systems. It interfaces with the various modules (Finance, Inventory or Purchasing) to provide creation of PR's and various analysis reports.
  • Reporting make easy. Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition System features a variety of comprehensive reports for managers to do analysis and budgeting control.
  • Security and privacy. Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition employs extensive security measures to ensure your data is secure, and accessible only by authorized users within your organization. Access is controlled via a unique user name and password which users must enter each time they log on to the system.

Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition System extremely simple to use, data is automatically defaulted in for you wherever possible, and the description that you enter on-line for your goods/services is exactly what you request for. In addition, your order gets out to the vendor much quicker.

It allows organizations to leverage the expense control benefits of traditional purchasing procedures without incurring the associated financial overhead or administrative burden. It helps to eliminate tons of paper forms as everything is done electronically.

Organizations simply set up their procurement processes and procedures in Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition System, and the entire purchasing process is handled online.

In additional, Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition System can be integrated with various ERP systems such as Microsoft Axapta. It interfaces with the Inventory Module to provide creation of PR's from the Low-level Inventory Report. It also interfaces with the Purchase Order Module. Creation of PO's from PR's and maintenance of inventory levels is automatic.

Prorsus e-Purchase Requisition System consists of various sections for easy to use and maintain:-

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Requisition Review
  • Approval cycle
  • Purchase Order
  • Reporting

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