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Logistics and Shipping Industry - SnT Global Group of Companies (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Middle East)

Customer BackGround

SnT Global’s e-fulfillment Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services integrates people, processes and technology to enable supply chain execution, helping e-market places, manufacturers and distributors to outsource their fulfillment process, focus on their core business, improve profitability and sustain their competitive advantage. This encompasses six key areas: Order Fulfillment, transportation Management, Warehouse Management, Reverse Logistics, Customer Relationship Management and Financial Settlement.

SnT's technology platform is designed to enable business-to-business integration comprising end-to-end processes from order management through logistics and financial service provisions. The platform, named HeLP (Hosted eLogistic Platform) provides a collaborative environment that facilitates the entire fulfillment experience of participants involved throughout the supply chain. HeLP includes participation of logistics service providers in areas of shipment delivery services, movement visibility and inventory management linking storage information to the buying process.


SnT group is using Microsoft Business Solution – Microsoft Dynamics AX for their finance, purchasing, and sales operations. In addition to that, they are also depending on the e-Service Management system for their services related operations.

The e-Service Management is fully integrated with the back end Microsoft Dynamics AX, as to provide timely and accurate information as and when is required.



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