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Communication Equipment Industry - NEC Infrontia (Asia Pacific)

Customer BackGround

Since its foundation in 1918, NEC Infrontia has dedicated itself to the manufacture of telecommunications equipment and the development of leading-edge technologies in the field of telecommunications. NEC Infrontia has established a global market as a result of aggressive involvement in overseas activities from an early stage. They are able to offer superior hardware products and systems that meet the needs of the information society.

As the key partner with SNT Global Web Sdn Bhd (Partner of NEC Infrontia), we have successfully implemented the Financials, Trade, Logistics, and together with the integrations with SNT Global Web Sdn Bhd’s e-Trax and Advanced Warehouse Management systems. The implementation covers several countries in Asia Pacific region.


NEC Infrontia is using Prorsus’s e-Service Management and e-Customers Self Service Systems, which helps to efficiently and effectively manage their dealers and service related operations.



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